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VRML Party Photos

Photos by Adrian Scott -- Graphics by Karen Marcelo

VRMLSite post-launch party

VRML Knight C. Scott Young, Carl from Web Publishing Inc., Mike Conduris of 3DWeb, Arvind from Sense8, and someone?. Overheard that night: "Scott, you look like an avatar."

Andrea Kasler, Paul Gluck, and Fran play with the toys for VRMLSite's upcoming Halloween party. Overheard: "Adrian, you need more toys".

Clay Graham of BigBook, Elena Fotos of Web Publishing Inc., that unidentified someone again, and Jill from Pail O'Water Design. Jill and Adrian later performed the Macarena.

A few Standford hippies including Eric Chiu of Cyberspace Publishing International; Steve Gibson of Verity, David Collier of SymbolicSoft, and John Gluck of VRMLSite.

SGI/Black Sun party

Chattin' it up on the dance floor, with VRML on the screen in the background.

Hey! Who invited the Village People? Protozoa uses motion capture to drive a VRML 2.0 monkey.

The Age-old Debate: "Looks great", "Less Polygons".


Scott McLaine from 3rd Dimension Technologies talks about creating avatars with his software.

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