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Look Who's Talking

By Mikey

No, this is not about the movie that opens with sperms swimming to the tune of the Beach Boys. This is about a survey I did on the www-vrml mailing list recently. This list is where the movers and shakers of VRML hang out, where new ideas are proposed and debated, opions are polled and issues are voted on, where the future of VRML is being shaped. And if the above are true, then we better know who's talking on the list. Who do they represent? Are they all techies? Are there artists on the list? Have those who championed Java as the behavior language programmed in Java?

The Survey was posted on September 19,1996. As of September 25, 91 individuals responded. About 80% of the 91 are active on the mailing list.


There is a good balance between programmers and artists. About half of those surveyed have some experience with Java, JavaScript, and VRML 2.0. Programmer/Artist types have the strongest experience in Java, JavaScript, and VRML 2.0. I am reassured that there is diversity, that the www-vrml mailing list is representative of our greater community, a sign that baby VRML is growing up.



Artist: 9%
VRML2: 60%

A breakdown of each languages programmed in by type
Among Programmer/ArtistsAmong ProgrammersAmong Artists


com: 60%
net: 8%
edu: 8%
org: 3%
ca: 3%
au: 2%
uk: 2%
se: 2%
gov: 2%
de: 1%
gr: 1%
br: 1%
mx: 1%
dk: 1%

Mike Yuen is a pioneer in integrating HTML, VRML, Java, and JavaScript to create exciting Web sites. He is the first independent VRML2.0 artist featured on Silicon Graphics' web site. Mike has been an engineer, a multimedia artist, and a programmer. He has designed and developed software for Digital Equipment, Seiko-Epson, and Varian Associates. He has written and directed short videos and interactive projects. Mike's web site is at

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