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  • Lisa 3

  • Web Design Group

  • Web Design Group won the Best Overall Avatar award for their Lisa 3 avatar in the Avvy Awards, announced at the Earth to Avatars Conference.

    "We're very happy with the acknowledgement. It helps us a lot with direction," says Eli Sagiv of Web Design Group.

    The Awards were sponsored by Black Sun Interactive, Contact Consortium, and Silicon Graphics.

    The team involved in developing Lisa 3 included 3D Modeler Jim Ellis, Fashion Designer Kelly Sparks (of Esprit), VRML Designer C. Scott Young, Graphic Designer Jack Coffee, and Conceptualizers Sagiv and Aeon Networks.

    "It's really a wonderful co-creation. That's one of the best things about Lisa," said Young.

    The 3D avatar development began with Jim Ellis working in 3D studio. Graphic designer Jack Coffee developed texture maps and 2D designs for the avatar. Then VRML Designer Scott Young exported parts of the avatar using the 3DStudio VRML exporter and other parts using the WCVT converter. Then the VRML was fine-tuned.

    The entire project was completed in a month. Where does it go from here? "The next stage is to animate Lisa in VRML 2.0 and link in some agent technology," said Eli Sagiv, a leader of the team.

    Web Design Group is developing four more avatar prototypes by year end, and will see which of the designs is most popular.

    "The avatar itself is just the wrapper. We think that when people connect a personality with the avatar it will open a new dimension. Avatars are like personality projections," says Sagiv.

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