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VRML in Japan
by Yukio Andoh
Japan is formidable in the VRML world. Some of the best work in this field is coming from there, and Japanese companies are some of the most aggressive buyers of VRML content. Yet in the US, we seldom hear of what they're doing apart from the happenings of large companies like Sony & Fujitsu.

This following list of links is a good place to acquaint yourself with the VRML business in Japan.

VRML BOF in Japan

3rd VRML BOF in Japan

Place: Harajuku, Tokyo, "Pista" Italian Restaurant

Time: Oct. 17 1996 / PM7 to PM11
Speaker : David Frerichs: VRML Product Manager @ SGI,
  • Demonstration CosmoPlayer on O2.
  • Protozoa's Interactive Characters demo on Windows95.
  • VRML2.0 controlled by Java applet demo.
  • "Out of Box" demo on O2. ( CD-ROM near future release ) Created by Construct
Dave Frerichs

Fujitsu Virtual Theme Park
Global Clock Project
RACE Asynchronous Collaboration Environment Project

Projects and Events

Fujitsu Virtual Theme Park

A brilliant example of the Japanese cartoon aesthetic! Make sure you click on the people in each scene.

Global Clock Project

The Global Clock Project is visualizing the earth as a clock, using light sensors connected among sites all over the world through the Internet.

Neil M.Denari

GALLERY MA featured the work of the young Las Angeles architect Neil M. Denari in a show titled "INTERRUPTED PROJECTIONS."

The RACE Asynchronous Collaboration Environment Project

The objective of this project is to understand knowledge representation that is suitable for the synthetic process of reorganizing existing information into knowledge for achieving design.


Meta Tokyo Project Internet EXPO '96 Projects

Zinriki's Virtual Museum!

VRML products/browsers/tools

VRML Browsers from Japan

VRML Tools from Japan

VRML creators

VRML users and Labs

Commercial users

VRML/3D network services



VRML Resources in Japan

VRML Specification Proposal

VRML Consortium

Yukio Andoh is a VRML/OpenGL Programmer and maintains the VRML/Java/OpenGL Repository in Japan. and the VRML/Java/OpenGL FAQ in Japanese.

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