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Pesce Resigns in Disgust from VAG and Consortium
by Adrian Scott
Mark Pesce, co-founder of VRML, has resigned from the self-appointed VRML Architecture Group and the VRML Consortium, complaining that commercial interests are dominating the VRML specification process.

"As far as the VAG is concerned, I've died," he wrote in an e-mail which VRMLSite obtained a copy of.

In the e-mail, Pesce announced his resignation from the VRML Architecture Group and criticized several members of the group for their behavior. At the beginning of the e-mail, Pesce wrote an obituary for himself.

He criticized several VAG members for conflicts of interests.

"...we were answerable to no one..."

"Alas, because we were answerable to no one - a condition that will continue until the VAG is defunct - such curiously indefensible conflicts of interest have been commonplace," Pesce added.

VRML Architecture Group

The VRML Architecture Group members are Gavin Bell, Brian Blau, Rikk Carey, Jan Hardenbergh, Jon Marbry, Tom Meyer, and Tony Parisi, according to the VRML Architecture Group web site. Pesce, The VRML Architecture Group members and Consortium Working Group members have been contacted by VRMLSite for comments, but VRMLSite has not received comments as of this writing.

"Both organizations are dead ..."

In another email, Pesce said of the VAG and the Consortium, "Both organizations are dead and serve ***only*** the commercial interests of the community, which I couldn't give two figs about."

Pesce is considering forming an international VRML User's Group to insure that users and developers will be heard in the VRML standardization and specification process.

VRMLSite will continue to follow this story for the next few days and expects to publish more comments and news about those people involved within the next 24 hours. Please check back frequently.

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