by M. Verman

Everyone does it.
Everyone wants to hear it.
The more you gossip, the more you learn.
And the more you learn, the more you can earn.

In the beginning was the word.
Or so we've heard;
it's only rumor after all.
All voices come after the fall.
And out of Babel these voices speak,
give them room and they'll talk all week.

We begin as we do, in the dark.
And was it Pesce who got lost in the park?
Perhaps too high on life to notice his way,
or perhaps preoccupied by his god-like sway?

And at San Francisco's VERGE meeting,
Those demos were flying, all except one;
Franz found himself behind in the field,
The Black Sun show lacked some appeal.

OnLive! got millions from Mr. Son,
We gather they need it to support their run.
Some voices say it's mostly just hype,
For twenty-three million, we hope they're not right.

That's enough now, enough to begin.
And remember, be good, 'cause we're looking in-
But not too good, you Puritan sorts,
Because there'd be none to report.

M. Verman is the VRML maven; born a child of hippie parents in the Haight-Ashbury scene of San Francisco's late '60's, he grew up amidst the redwood forests and pot farmers of California's northern coast. His first computer - a Commodore C64, was loaded up with HABITAT & a 300-baud modem from day one - was his launching pad into cyberspace community. After dropping out of a well-known Bay Area university, he spent some time surfing and bumming around Santa Cruz, till he was exposed to a pirated copy of 3D Studio running on a friend's homebrew 386. It was love at first sight and the beginning of a career in real-time animation that continues full bore through till today.

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